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The Warriors as seen in the 1988 anime Starship Troopers.

Inicial quote.png Johnnie, these are living creatures. Final quote.png

—Azuma, Battle of Glendathu

The "Extraterrestrial life form" (異星生命体 Isei Seimeitai), or "Alien life form", is a life form from outer space and is hostile to the human.

The home planet of the Extraterrestrial life form is Glendathu, a planet covered with massive protophyte jungle.


The fighter craft.

  • "Base" (基地 Kichi)[1] – A gigantic cluster of the Bug, able to spread out "spores".
  • "Transport" - Much similar to the "base", a transport is capable of space flight and travel through the cold vacuum of space.
  • "Warrior" – A bipedal polyp-like creatures possessing tentacles and integrated biological weapons capable firing beam or globules of a sticky explosive compound at high muzzle velocity.
  • "Fighter craft" (戦闘機 Sentoūki)[1] – as its name suggests, this type of alien acts like a fighter craft.




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