Energy weaponry refers to weapons that fire a beam of energy, capable of inflicting damage.

Starship Troopers novelEdit

Pseudo-Arachnid Warriors are said to be as intelligent as a human and use deadly directed-energy weapons.

Starship Troopers animeEdit

Several variants of Powered Suits possess energy weaponry, including Anna Sugimoto's laser rifle and Tracy Brothers' Volcano Rifle System.

The Alien Warriors uses HE shell, a powerful biological energy weapon, as the main weapon.

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Starship TroopersEdit

Although energy weapons are never used on any spaceships in the 1997 film, many Corvette Transports were seen having large turrets on their hulls, which may be energy weaponry.

Training beams were however, utilised in the training of Mobile Infantry. These beams were given designated colours of either Red or Blue depend upon the team they were issued to. These training beams are non-lethal and serve to disable the recruits hit by them.

Starship Troopers: InvasionEdit

The United Citizen Federation's Fleet uses energy weapons on it's Fast Attack Ships and John A. Warden Type Starships, as well as on its space stations, such as L-6 Satellite Base. During the John A. Warden Incident, several vessels and the L-6 Satellite Base engaged the John A. Warden, which had been captured by Arachnids, using energy weaponry. The energy weapons used by John A. Warden managed to inflict heavy damage upon the Earth Defence Fleet, destroying two Fast Attack Ships and heavily damaging another John A. Warden Type Starship, the Franklin.


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Several breeds of Arachnids are able to discharge plasma shot.


Starship Troopers: The Roleplaying GameEdit

There are several energy weapons:

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