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Emilio Rico is Juan Rico's father in the Starship Troopers novel.


Emilio Rico is a wealthy businessman, who tries to talk his son Juan out of joining the Federal Service, even offering a vacation to Mars to keep him from enlisting. However, Juan persists and is disowned. The only reason why he wanted to keep Juan from enlisting was because years ago during his youth, he tried to volunteer but he then reconsidered and stayed as a civilian, something that he deeply regretted over the years.

Emilio's wife is killed in the Bug attack on Buenos Aires. Juan believes Emilio is dead as well, until he meets Emilio, now a member of Mobile Infantry, before Juan attends Officer Candidate School. Emilio eventually serves under his son's command, as part of "Rico's Roughnecks" on the Rodger Young. Starship Troopers






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