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Death From Above is a tribute from rock (or possibly progressive metal) band Holy Light of Demons to one of our favorite films and a possible recruiting video for the Mobile Infantry.


"Death from Above" Music Video

"Death from Above" Music Video

Listen while I tell the tale of a warrior so true
an average caucasian male, not unlike me and you
his name was Johnny Rico, and he loved his Carmen so
he'd go wherever she'd go, and with Carl and Diz in tow

Now Carmen, young an innocent, was also very smart
she yearned to be a citizen, she yearned to do her part
now Johnny followed her of course, which made his parents pissed
they offered trips to foreign shores, but still he would enlist

Carl was promoted instantly, where games and theory meet
for Johnny, mobile infantry, and Carmen joined the fleet
the M.I. troopers trained and drilled with Drill Instructor Zimm
but when Johnny got a trooper killed, it really stuck with him

Carmen caused his heart to break, caused him lots of pain
finally, he chose to take a stroll down wash-out lane
as he headed off the base, still shaken to the core
the news hit him right in the face, they whacked us we're at war!

Johnny just lost his parents
so he must heed the call
Johnny's from Buenos Aires
so he says "kill them all!!!"

c'mon you apes, do you wanna live forever?
everyone fights, no one quits!
death from above, let's all get cut together
we're gonna fight, and we're gonna win!


They landed on Klendathu after quite a crazy ride
but ran into a SNAFU, almost every trooper died
but Raczek's Ruffnecks saved the three - Johnny, Diz and Ace
So they went back to planet P to kill the whole fucking race!

at whiskey outpost, the trap was set, they needed to retreat
"this place crawls" the troops are dead, they called for help from fleet
Diz was impaled as they left, another major SNAFU
she whimpered right before her death, "at least i got to have you..."


Zimm bussed himself to private just to catch the brain
and because old Carl was psychic, he sensed the brain bug's pain
"afraid! it's afraid!"
this is of what heroes are made.





Death From Above Tattoo

The name of the song is based on the tattoo. It can be see before the invasion of Klendathu.

Johnny Rico, along with Dizzy Flores, Ace Levy, and Kitten Smith, all got the same tattoo in the first movie, a skull in a triangle with the words "Death From Above" written on it. Of the 4 who got the tattoo, only Ace and Johnny are still alive. Kitten was KIA on Klendathu, and Dizzy was KIA on Planet P in Whiskey Outpost.


The insignia is also painted on Johnny Rico's Marauder MK-II as seen in Starship Troopers: Invasion as well as his helmet in Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars.


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