The Corvette Transport is a class of Starship for transport usage.

Starship Troopers novelEdit

The Corvette Transport is a class of Starship deployed during the war by the Terran Federation Space Navy. Notable ships of this class included the Rodger Young. The Ships of this class are fast, but very small, capable of only carrying one platoon of Mobile Infantry, which is the smallest field deployed unit of the M.I. commanded by an officer.

Starship Troopers animeEdit


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Starship Troopers film universeEdit

  • Rodger Young, a Corvette Transport

The Corvette Transport is a large ship used by Fleet during the First Bug War, and the Second Bug War. Corvette Transports are generally named after famous generals and battles. Each ship is roughly 550 meters in length.


During the early offensives against the Arachnids, the Corvettes were the most common capital ship used by the United Citizen Federation to deploy Dropships, TAC Fighters, and materials to planets across the galaxy. The class carries eighteen dropships, and specialised varients also carry multiple TAC Fighters in the upper-flightdeck.

By the Second Battle of Klendathu, an Athena class was introduced to Fleet.  However, Corvette Transports still remained the most numerous starship in the Fleet, staying in service well into the Second Bug War.

Variants Edit

The Corvette Transport has several variants:

  • The standard version has a large reactor on its upper flight deck behind the forward section of the ship, which in turn has rigging above itself that connects to different sections of the ship.
  • Another variant has an upper flight deck for fighters/bombers to land on, or to load large materials that could not be stored inside a smaller ship (A dropship for example).
  • Another variant has the entire upper deck area built up to allow for more internal ship space.

Modules Edit

In the Klendathu System Campaign, these ships were shown to have had two types of communication modules attached. The Rodger Young is a good example of this, which had the second type of module installed after its first module was destroyed by a meteor. Eleven years onward, only one module is seen on all Corvette Transports, indicating that the other module had been permanently replaced with the more modern one.

Known ships Edit

Cortez 003
Frank Is Love 125
UCF Unknown (127) 127
Mitchell 132
UCF Unknown (133) 133
Yamamoto 138
Hood 156
UCF Unknown (158) 158
Giap 159
UCF Unknown (169) 169
Cromwell 175
Rodger Young 175
Rodger Young 176
UCF Unknown (178) 178
Boxer 182
Geronimo 185
Audie Murphy 192
Greg Jein 193
Bull Run 195

Known LossesEdit

Although the Corvette Transports suffered heavy casualties during the course of the Bug Wars, more specifically at the First Battle of Klendathu and the Battle of Planet P, the best known losses of these ships were the Rodger Young and the Geronimo. The former when it was severed in half by a Plasma Bug Battery over Planet P, and the latter ship destroyed over OM-1 when it's reactor was hit by Bug Plasma bursts.