The Control Bugs are a species of Arachnid that gains control of human hosts, killing them and manipulating their bodies like puppets to serve the Arachnids.

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles[edit | edit source]


Control Bugs are small, roughly the size of human hands. They seize control of a host by attaching themselves to the spinal cord, becoming a telepathic conduit for Brain Bugs. The range of their telepathic abilities has never been tested in the field. While having very little offensive capability on their own, they are very agile and difficult to hit with weapons.

They are first encountered on Tophet, controlling the Skinnies.

Starship Troopers film universe[edit | edit source]

Control Bugs enter through human cavities and orifices, for example the mouth; they then burrow right into the brain and control a person's mind. Although a victim initially appears fine and well, their health will gradually worsen due to the bug using them for sustenance. When control bugs have consumed their host to near death they are either removed or remove themselves before attempting to spread their offspring, beginning the process of infection all over again.

The only reported instance of these bugs being used was at Hotel Delta 1-8-5, where they attempted to reach the Federation high command by infecting General Jack Shepherd, who could then bring the infection to the Federations leaders and cripple humanity's ability to fight.

The first-known infected human was Technical Sergeant Ari Peck, whose infection spread all around Hotel Delta 1-8-5 except to three humans.

Empirical Data[edit | edit source]

Due to limited intelligence available solely through the debriefing of Private Sahara, any and all information has to be derived from the following cases:

The original vector. First seen in an already unhealthy state; unusual skin coloration, severe body odor. It remains unknown whether his symptoms - severe stutter, twitching and baldness - are caused by the control bug; however, the stutter does progressively deteriorate. Assuming Griff is trustworthy, possibly infected six days ago. Conscious of his state, refuses to lose any time fixing the radio. Cracked neck after being praised by Shepherd. Body becomes more fragile later, as his arm is torn off easily when attempting to infect Tor, and his leg falls off when being picked up by Griff. whites of the eyes become red. Shows little, if any, regard for body mutilation.
Vector 2. No abnormalities noticed upon arrival to the fortress. When offered food, goes straight for sugar, TWICE; may be related to Bug metabolism. Sahara also observes a black coloration of the left thumb, which is exaggerated by her psychic abilities. Plays it smart, displaying some level of intelligence, when engaging Dix in combat.
Vector 3. Appears to be “the designated infector”, spawns at least three bugs, the last two of which are produced with blood. First rendered unconscious, described by Gen Shepherd as "unusually light" (or he was possibly criticizing a subordinate for being slow). Cracks her neck upon waking up. Immediately attempts to infect the most dangerous person in the unit – CPT Dax. Fails when he punishes her with push-ups. Later seen stark naked in the quarters for no apparent reason whatsoever, other than an attempt to infect Sahara with a Control Bug by seducing her (strange, given that Sahara has already had a male lover, as evidenced by her pregnancy). Despite her rank of rifleman, demonstrates little skill with the assault rifle, missing the mark at arm’s length; far from impervious to pain from a M7 Incendiary grenade, but survives for considerable time frame.
Soda loses no time after the attempted infection of Sahara. Bug survives decapitation, but is incinerated in a microwave.
Horton’s infidelity and Sandee’s reaction is immediately exploited by Griff. Somewhat hysterical soon afterwards. Infection confirmed by participating in drawing the star with the other known “thralls”. Hysterically laughs when Rake and Sahara are being infected; displays some level of sadism. Survives a single strike with a frying pan, so is smart enough to play dead, again displaying some level of intelligence. Attempts a kamikaze attack with grenades, using "creepy" singing to attract the targets, further evidence that the Bugs are not mindless creatures.
Takeover not instant. Also later seen consuming large amounts of sugar. Slight behavior change noted by Sahara. Walks into rifle fire instead of using a weapon.
Infected nearly simultaneously by using Peck’s adult bug.
  • Brick - attacked by multiple offspring. Walks into rifle fire instead of using a weapon.
  • Billy – Up front with his infecting intentions with both of his targets. Worships Control Bugs, Brain Bug and the God Bug. Mostly insensitive to pain, specifically from multiple blunt force trauma to the head.
Primary objective and most significant person in the unit, given the fact that his rank is highest and thus he's the commanding officer, although Captain Dax is the most combat-savvy squad member. infected by Soda off-screen. Confirms that take-over is not immediate. Later explains the Bug motivations and beliefs, which is impractical in front of two heavily armed hostiles. Gets an even less practical idea of infecting Sahara when he could have just killed her too. Whether these decisions were a human one, a Bug-initiated one or some combination of both remains unknown.
Arguably the most "complicated" infection. Retains sufficient human intelligence and consciousness to resist after implantation. Uses “Amfamine” to counter the effects. Bats Jill Sandee with a frying pan but fails to confirm if victim was truly killed. Proceeds to save the day and rescues Dax from infection but commits suicide subsequently. Bug survives even that. Note that it should completely displace the human brain and has doubled in size over that time; it also has reduced its legs to stubs.

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