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Captain Deladier was a United Citizen Federation Fleet naval officer, captain of the Corvette Rodger Young.


She is first seen on board her ship, Rodger Young, docked at the moon base when Carmen Ibanez joins the crew. The ship later gets in the way of a meteor and just manages to avoid destruction. Captain Deladier congratulates her bridge team for saving the ship, declaring Zander and Carmen a "hell of a flight team".

Later on, she commands Rodger Young during the invasion of Klendathu and many other missions including a rescue mission on Planet P and the Invasion of Planet P, in which Bug Plasma rips the ship in two.

Captain Deladier orders the crew to abandon ship and whilst trying to escape is crushed by emergency doors and dies. Her dying words were an order to Carmen Ibanez and Zander Barcalow at her side "Abandon ship, that's an-...". Starship Troopers


  • Brenda Strong, the actress who plays Captain Deladier, also appeared as another character named Dede Rake in Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation which caused much confusion.
  • Phil Tippet explained that a scene was written in the first film that explained that Captain Deladier had a twin sister who also enlisted.[1]
  • Captain Deladier's novel counterpart is named Yvette Deladrier, who is also the captain of the Rodger Young. However, she does not suffer the same fate as her film counterpart during the assault on Planet P to capture the Brain Bug.
  • "When Edward Neumeier was writing ST2 it was decided it would be a cool idea if this sister was in the movie, and more so to make here an identical twin by casting Brenda Strong in the role. Some lines were written but cut before being shot making reference to this. Director, Phil Tippett has since said on several occasions that these cuts were the biggest mistake he could have possibly made as without that information some people get terribly confused by the same actress playing a different role in each film"





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