Camp Currie as seen in the film Starship Troopers

Camp Arthur Currie is the basic training camp for the Mobile Infantry.


Starship Troopers novelEdit

Camp Arthur Currie was one of the two primary Basic Training Posts (the other in Siberia) for the Mobile Infantry until the Bug War when at least one new camp (San Martin) was added.

Camp Arthur Currie was located on the northern prairies of Canada. It consisted almost entirely of tents, the only permanent structures were for housing equipment.

Starship Troopers OVAEdit


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Starship Troopers filmEdit

Camp Currie is a training location for the Mobile Infantry's Sixth Division. At this base troopers are given instruction in basic combat techniques, drill, knife throwing, unarmed combat, firearm marksmanship and basic military tactics.

The base is capable of accommodating several hundred recruits at any given time.The Camp contains several training grounds and firing ranges along with a parade ground in the middle of the camp.

Before the First Bug War, Johnny Rico was transferred to Camp Currie upon enlistment in the Federal Military Service. During the live fire exercise, a teammate named Breckinridge is been accidentally killed by Djana'D due to his helmet malfunction. This incident leads Rico to be punished by ten lashes and Djana'D to quit

This base was home to Rico and many other Troopers he would serve with during the upcoming First Bug War.


  • The camp was named for Sir Arthur William Currie of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. Sir Arthur Currie had the unusual beginning of a pre-war militia gunner and eventually worked his way through the entire scale of ranks to eventually become Canada's first Four Star General. His nickname was "Guts and Gaitors".
  • In the 1988 OVA Starship Troopers, instead of tents, the recruits live in normal building. While in the 1997 film Starship Troopers, the buildings are shaped like tents.



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