Meteor when first viewed from the Rodger Young


The Rodger Young is hit by the Meteor

A Bug Meteor is an informal term used to describe an asteroid that was redirected by the Arachnids to hit a target in the Federation.

The first Bug Meteor was discovered by the Rodger Young while on routine patrol. The Rodger Young was able to evade the asteroid, but its communication tower was ripped off by a glancing blow. The asteroid was not detected again until it had cleared the orbit of the Moon, missing the lunar defense turrets. The Fleet could do nothing more but watch as the asteroid headed towards South America, destroying Buenos Aires. Nearly 10 million people were killed.

In response to this attack, the Federal Council voted to go to war against the Arachnids, voting Sky Marshal Dienes to take command of the Federal Military in the process.

Later, at a certain point, the Arachnids launched a second meteor towards Earth. Fortunately for the Federation, it was destroyed by a Missile defence turret on Luna Base. The meteor would have slammed into southern Africa, possibly at Cape Town.


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