Bravo Six was an MI squad that fought in the Bug War under the command of Pavlov Dill, Lei Sahara and Sgt. Dede Rake. The squad was allegedly one of the best and experienced squads of its time and was even considered elite. However, like all the other units sent to Zulu Alpha, Bravo Six were mostly decimated during the disastrous battle, with the exception of sole survivor, Sahara.


At some point, the squad was sent to Zulu Alpha along with General Jack Gordon Shepherd and his division. They led the division into battle and escorted Shepherd on planet's surface. During the Battle of Zulu Alpha, they were attacked and surrounded by bugs and cutoff from other units. Bravo Six and remains of the division retreated to the abandoned Fortified Tower Outpost Hotel Delta 1-8-5. During the retreat, the squad's radio operator, Corporal Thom Kobe, was killed by warrior Bug, rendering them unable to contact anyone and call for help. Arriving at the outpost they found the sole survivor Captain V.J. Dax, who activated the outpost's defenses repulsing an Arachnid attack. Shortly afterwards Bravo Six were reunited with Shepherd along with three survivors of other units. However, unknown to them the three were already infected by Control Bugs. The infected troopers then began infecting the surviving Bravo Six members, starting with private Duff Horton and his lover, squad's radar operator, private Jill Sandee. The infection quickly spread throughout the squad and eventually most of Bravo Six members were infected. Lieutenant Pavlov Dill was simply killed. Rake resisted the bug and attacked the others. All of infected Bravo Six were then either killed by Sahara, Rake and Dax or commited suicide as in Rake's and Sandee's cases. Sahara became the sole survivor of Bravo Six and escaped the planet on a DR-8 Skyhook. Sahara, Kobe and Dill were the only Bravo Six members that weren't infected. All of Bravo Six except Sahara met their demise in the hotel which became infamous as their place of death.


  • Sergeant Dede Rake - rifleman and squad leader. Commited suicide after being infected by Control Bug.
  • Private Lei Sahara - rifleman, former squad leader and occassional second-in-command and Rake's right hand, non-official reserve psychic. Sole Survivor.
  • Lieutenant Pavlov Dill - Psi Ops and Intel officer. Killed by Billy.
  • Corporal Thom Kobe - rifleman and radio operator. First death in the squad. Died soon after the squad's arrival at hotel after being attacked and wounded by Warrior bug.
  • Private Jill Sandee - mostly noncombat radar operator and occasional reserve rifleman. Commited suicide after being infected by Control Bug.
  • Private Duff Horton - rifleman and amateur mechanic. Sandee's former lover. Killed by Sgt. Rake.
  • Private Billy Otter - rookie rifleman and amateur mechanic. Killed by Sahara in self-defense.
  • Private Kipper Tor - rifleman. Killed by Dax along with Brick. Last deaths in the squad.
  • Private Ottis Brick - machine gunner and amateur mechanic. Killed by Dax along with Tor. Last deaths in the squad.


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