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Blaster Bug

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles[]

Blaster Bugs (entomological classification: Coleoptera Volclorix) are a type of Arachnids. They are slightly larger than Warrior Bugs and similar in shape and colour to the closely related species of Blister Bugs, with the anterior section of both species ending in a huge gaping maw. The Blaster Bug absorbs heat from the surrounding environment to ignite an exothermic biochemical reaction in its prothorax, resulting in a flame-throwing capability, burning through power suits or melting sand into a glass-like substance. A swarm of Blaster Bugs firing off in synchronized bursts can create a massive wall of fire, burning at temperatures exceeding 1,000° Celsius (1,830 °F) incinerating targets at 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) distance.

The abdomen of the Bug is glowing, when there is reaction in the prothorax, prior to firing. Blaster Bug swarms also generate enough residual heat collectively to form a dome-shaped heat shield capable of destroying incoming weapons fire and missiles, but underneath their abdomens there is a significant drop in temperature, with their ventral sections vulnerable to detonating charges. The Blaster is a four-legged bug, the rearmost pairs of legs are longer than the two front forelegs.

The Blaster's body is light brown with a shade of green, the bug has orange-coloured eyes with black pupils. It has three tan coloured crosswise stripes on top of the body, the legs are also tan with a shade of green and brown. The upper mandible has three fangs, the lower mandible has two bigger fangs. Like the Warrior, the Blaster Bug has two small claws. Unlike its cousin the Blister Bug, Blaster Bugs generally attack in massed swarms for maximum effect, whereas Blister Bugs attack individually or in smaller swarms supported by Warrior Bugs.


  • Bug Type: Field artillery, medium-ranged supporting fire
  • Length: 14ft or 4.25 meters
  • Height: 9.5ft or 2.9 meters
  • Tactical Countermeasures: The Blaster Bug's flame-throwing capability has devastating effects, but due to their relatively low rate of fire of about two shots per minute, Blasters are vulnerable during their long reloading phase, limiting their effectiveness. Blasters let out a short scream before they are firing. Launch a counter-attack immediately after their flamethrower burst has finished, Blaster Bugs are firing exactly at 32-second intervals. Detonating charges should aim on the vulnerable ventral section of the bug.


Blaster Bugs were first encountered by the Roughnecks during the Tophet Campaign.


Some Blasters on Tophet are much larger than the usual Blaster size, these giant Blasters with nearly the size of a Tanker Bug have a black body with a shade of red, the abdomen is red, the legs are black and have a shade of tan. One such a giant Blaster was blown up by C.H.A.S. during the Tophet Campaign.

Starship Troopers (2005 video game)[]

A Hesperus Blaster Bug

Blaster Bugs are a lethal variant of the already deadly Plasma Bug. A smaller battle version, blasters hop into the air and shoots multiple blasts of plasma at Mobile Infantry troops. Blasters are a real pain to kill, always hopping and dodging bullets. The best way to kill Blaster Bugs is to shoot them with one shell from a Tactical Assault Shotgun when the Blaster Bugs are grouped together. The Tactical Assault Shotgun is the ideal weapon for killing Blaster Bugs.

During the Battle of Hesperus, Blaster Bugs caused heavy casualties to the Mobile Infantry and were a major problem for the Federal efforts. All Blasters were killed when the Federation claimed Hesperus.

Would You Like To Know More?[]

  • The Blaster resembles a giant fly or even a moth.