Battle of OM-1
Part of Second Bug War

Place OM-1

Decisive Federal victory

FederationFlag United Citizen Federation Arachnid Symbol Arachnids
FederationFlag Sky Marshal Enolo Phid

FederationFlag Colonel Johnny Rico

Arachnid Symbol Behemecoatyl
1 Upgraded Athena Class Starship
7 M11 Babar Marauders

Warrior Bugs

None All Arachnid Forces on OM-1
Battle of Roku San Battle of OM-1 Battle of Fort Casey

The Battle of OM-1 that took place early in the Second Bug War.


The battle took place after Sky Marshal Omar Anoke was devoured by Behemecoatyl, the God Bug, for his information on the Federation on the planet OM-1. Seven M11 Babar Marauders, under the command of Colonel Rico (who piloted Marauder 04), dropped to the planet's surface and engaged the enemy, forcing the bugs to retreat below the planet's surface.

Lola Beck and Holly Little saw the lights of the Marauders appeared, just as they believed that all hope of being saved was gone and believed them to be Angels sent by God, just as she had prayed so — to this, Lola becomes a Christian. After all, the combat débuted of the Marauder powered armor was proof that prayers never go unanswered.

These seven Marauders now appeared from behind a hill. Rico, using audio recording devices in his Marauder, was able to pick up on the sound of Lola and Holly praying, ordering the Marauders to advance.

Hundreds of Warrior Bugs now rose from many holes to protect the God Bug from these unfamiliar hostiles, and swarm all over the Marauder team until they could not be seen. It was them that Colonel Rico ordered the Marauders to attack and they all went on the bounce — jumping several meters into the air — and dropped bombs that completely destroy all Bugs within range. The Marauders then went on the offensive, firing their built in arm weapons consisting of guns and mini guns before finishing off the Bugs with flame throwers.

Colonel Rico then found Lola and Holly, rescuing them. They were returned to the modified Athena class ship, the York, on which the new Sky Marshal, Enolo Phid, awaited them. As one final coup de grace act, The York, as ordered, launched the planet-killer Q Bomb, completely destroying OM-1 in one fell strike.

The Arachnids were vanquished. The battle was a victory for the United Citizen Federation. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder