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Battle of Klendathu
Part of First Bug War

Place Klendathu

Strategy of System Hopping (raids on nearby-Klendathu systems)

FederationFlag United Citizen Federation Arachnid Symbol Arachnids
FederationFlag Sky Marshal Dienes Brain Bugs
514,354 casualties:
  • 305,615 KIA
  • 205,791 MIA
  • 2,948 WIA

100,000 killed in one hour alone.

Unknown, possibly light compare to the UCF
Meteor Attack on Buenos Aires Battle of Klendathu Raid on Tango Urilla

The Battle of Klendathu refers to the invasion of Federation Forces on the Bug homeworld Klendathu. The attack was a complete failure, resulting in heavy casualties for the United Citizen Federation.


In the months following the Meteor Attack on Buenos Aires, the United Citizen Federation sped across the galaxy in a campaign against Klendathu, which they thought was just a single Arachnid planet.

Sky Marshal Dienes planned landing troops in a mass swarming assault across the planet. Waves of Mobile Infantry troopers would be brought to the surface in the initial offensive. After securing the initial beachhead, the forces would fan out and eradicate any bugs they came across.

The plan ultimately backfired due to the Federation's arrogance, lack of strategical planning, lack of artillery or air support, belief that all non-human species were inferior to themselves, and reliance on numbers. Thus, these factors resulted in hundreds of thousands of casualties, including KIA and MIA, among the Mobile Infantry and the Fleet.

The BattleEdit


Rodger Young views a ship damaged by Bug Plasma


The Wildcats face an incoming Arachnid swarm


Warriors pick of stragglers in the Federal retreat

The Battle of Klendathu began with the arrival of the Fleet in the Klendathu System, comprised primarily of Corvette Transports. Within minutes, the Mobile Infantry were rushed into their dropships. Bug defenses began almost immediately in the form of plasma bursts from the surface. It was believed that the plasma was just random and light; however, this intelligence was quickly discovered to be wrong when several well-placed barrages of bug plasma damaged and destroyed several ships. The Rodger Young was damaged during this battle by Plasma but managed to remain largely intact and operational.

Once the Mobile Infantry reached the surface, fighting began immediately with troopers using Tactical Oxygen Nukes to destroy many Plasma Bugs. However, Warrior Bugs presence turned out to be in far greater quantity than predicted by Military Intelligence and the Mobile Infantry were quickly overwhelmed by vast numbers of bugs. A general retreat was ordered within the first half hour after the first drop and the Mobile Infantry retreat that followed nearly became a full blown rout. The second and third waves were able to return to their drop ships as they did not have enough time to get far from the drop zones. The first wave was virtually destroyed by the time the General Retreat was ordered.

The Mobile Infantry suffered far over 500,000 casualties in the Klendathu Invasion, 100,000 of which died in the first hour. Starship Troopers

Notable CombatantsEdit

The WildcatsEdit

The Wildcats were deployed in the first wave. Led by Lieutenant Willy, the Wildcats charged towards enemy positions without being detected. The company came across two Plasma Bugs which were quickly killed by two Tactical Oxygen Nukes. Lieutenant Willy led a further charge dividing the company into squads. Running around a large rock, a surprise attack by a Warrior Bug tears Lieutenant Willy to bits in a matter of seconds. The remaining troopers, under Squad Leader Ace Levy, kill that Warrior but soon hordes of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Warriors appear. The troopers, unsure of their orders, do nothing and request orders from Ace, but Ace filled with fear freezes and simply says "I don't know". It took Johnny Rico to give the squad the orders they needed "Kill them, Kill them all!". The squad engages the Warriors losing several soldiers such as Shujumi, who ran out in front of the squad and became easy prey, and Katrina McIntire, who fled before falling into a Bug hole and being dragged into a tunnel to her doom by a Warrior.

When the general retreat was called, with troops around them already in retreat, the Wildcats retreat in some disorder with many stragglers becoming easy picking for Warrior Bugs. Kitten Smith was then maimed to death by a Warrior Bug. Johnny Rico, seeing his friend die, fired upon the Warrior, knocking it to the ground. Believing the Warrior Bug to be dead, Rico relaxed and lowered his weapon, but the Warrior unexpectedly used its last burst of energy to lunge at Rico, piercing the trooper through the leg. Two more Warriors then spotted and charge towards him but using his Morita Assault Rifle's inbuilt shotgun Rico was able to fight them off, just barely. Crippled, Rico was unable to return to the dropships. Rico was declared Killed in Action causing Carmen to mistakenly take him as dead. Johnny Rico was, however, rescued after the battle, possibly by Roughnecks 2-0.

After the battle, the Wildcats were almost entirely wiped out, with Troopers Rico, Flores, and Levi, as the only known members to survive. The unit was disbanded, and the aforementioned three were transferred to the Roughnecks. Starship Troopers


The Federation was confident of an easy victory and sent a correspondent to report live from the surface of the planet during the invasion. When a general retreat was ordered, however, the reporter was killed by a Warrior Bug caught live on camera shortly after the broadcast began, and the cameraman then retreated after Rico tells him to get out of there.

With the camera still rolling, the camerman recorded Kitten's death, and Rico's rage over his death. The Warrior Bug responsible, then attacked the camerman, impaling the unfortunate man through the chest, and causing him to throw the camera near Rico, just as the mandible of the Warrior stabbed him through the leg. With the last few seconds of tim recording Rico in agony, the camera then went off, due to damage. Starship Troopers


"To fight the Bug, we must understand the Bug. We can ill afford another Klendathu!"
—Sky Marshal Tehat Meru[src]

The Rodger Young and a few other ships bearing scars of battle as they retreat to Ticonderoga.

After the surviving Mobile Infantry troopers were recovered by dropships and brought back aboard the Corvette Transports, the remaining ships in the fleet retreated to Fleet Battlestation Ticonderoga. Many of the ships that participated in the battle were non-operational and had to be towed to safety. The Terran Navy was cut to ribbons when so many of its ships were massed in Klendathu's lower orbit, limiting the operational deployment of Federation forces in Arachnids space for some time.

Well over 300,000 ground troops were killed in the battle, with 100,000 killed in the first hour alone. By any measure, the battle was an unmitigated disaster. Apart from material losses, the psychological effect of the disaster drastically damaged morale across the Federation. Strategically, with so many ships and soldiers lost in one fell swoop, there was no way surviving Federal Military forces could effectively combat the inherent numerical superiority of Arachnid forces, which began swarming Federation holdings in all directions.

Sky Marshal Dienes resigned in shame after the disaster, and was succeeded by Sky Marshal Tehat Meru. Maru's leadership outlined a new grand strategy of using surviving forces to clear out the planets outlying Klendathu one at a time, which were less heavily populated by the Arachnids. This would follow the classic routine of heavy aerial bombing runs by F-76 Thunderbolts, followed by sending in the Mobile Infantry to mop up the survivors and clear out subterranean Bug holes. At the same time, this would provide more opportunities to observe and research the Arachnids to examine them for tactical weaknesses. Starship Troopers

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