The name or term "Arachnid" should not be confused with Pseudo-Arachnid.

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The Arachnids (more commonly known as Bugs, and Archies[1]), also known as Bug or Arachnid Empire, are the main antagonists and main symbolic insectoid species of Starship Troopers series. They are very dangerous and absolutely hostile to all other life. They are bent on conquest, enslavement, destruction and conversion of all non-bug life to bug and are known to have conquered countless planets across space and destroyed countless other species and civilisations. They are incalculable in number and capable of overrunning almost every enemy. They generally lack advanced tactics and they usually don't need them as their favoured and simple tactic many times have proved to be extremely effective and never once failed them. The Bugs treat their own as expendable and disposable and usually just use charge attacks, meaning they just charge the enemy and lose many of their number in the process, however, given their overall numbers and amount of resources, it's more likely for them to wear out the enemy than it is for them to reach their limits, if they have any limits to speak of. Any casualties they suffer, no matter how heavy they may seem, never appear to obstruct them in any way as there is always an infinite number more of them still active and every casualty on their part is light and insignificant at best. Bugs don't even have most of the traits of a living being, except maybe reproduction. They have no emotions, they don't grow past the certain point in their development and can't die of old age, they don't need water and food and apparently don't breathe as they equally survive in any atmosphere, underwater and even in vacuum. In general, they are more reminiscent of bio-robots than a truly living beings as they are essentially automatic and lifeless war machines that exist and are made for one purpose: war and destruction. Bugs are subterranean by nature and live and thrive inside the planets, conversing them whole into giant hives, to the point of them not being planets anymore, but rather hives covered by rocks on the surface. Planets that house the bugs for too long eventually turn into a bug themselves, becoming a living hive, giving a whole new meaning to the term Bug Planet. Bugs are created and lead by an ancient mysterious colossal creature of cosmic size, amorphous vaguely insectoid biomass that is known only as Behemecoatyl or the God Bug who has extreme psychic abilities and uses them to control the bugs.

Starship Troopers film universeEdit

Inicial quote The only good Bug is a dead Bug! Final quote

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As the humans expanded their territory across the galaxy, they accidentally encountered Arachnids in some remote and distant part of it. This led to the war between humans and Arachnids. The first contact was as disastrous as all the next as the arachnids reacted to human intrusion with aggresion and swiftly slaughtered the survey team. Humans originally mistakenly believed the Arachnids to be simple albeit dangeros animals and mindless creatures and sent another first contact group to investigate them. This again ended in disaster as the bugs attacked them once again and the survivors were cut off for several days. As the battle progressed, it became clear that the bugs weren't simple animals and were far more advanced than they thought and that they have a caste system, with each type of bug filling a specific role. However, some humans still considered them to be a less advanced civilization. After a lengthy standout, few human survivors barely escaped with their lifes. However, now humans realised that the bugs were waiting for them and will search them out. They tried to contain them and cordoned off and Quarantined part of space where they believed the Arachnids dwelt. Despite this, colonies and bases were created on Arachnid planets to keep them in check. However, they were unable to defend themselves from bug attack. Not long time after, bugs began their advance on humans. They began to attack and destroy all human establishments, starting with small remote posts, and continuing to the bigger ones, such as Port Joe Smith, leading to massacres. Humans began to capture the Arachnids to study them. Smaller and simpler Arachnids, such as Arkellians and Phaetons, were studied and dissected on a biology lessons in schools. When Buenos Aires School students dissect Arkellians on a biology lesson, the teacher states that the Arachnids are superior to humans in many ways, have millions of years of evolution behind them and are, in the case of survival capability, the perfect species. She also mentions that they have the ability to colonize planets "by hurling their spores into space" and possess a social structure which fits their mental capabilities. At some point, the Arachnids launched a Meteor Attack on Buenos Aires, completely destroying the city. In response, humans launched an attack on planet Klendathu from where the bugs launched that meteor. The attack once again ended in disaster and total failure for the human side as the bugs massacred most of the forces sent to attack them and humans, faced with certain destruction, were forced to call off the attack and retreat from the system.

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Roughnecks: Starship Troopers ChroniclesEdit

The Arachnids are an alien species that has conquered and colonized many planets across the galaxy. The Arachnids are first discovered on Pluto which led to a large battle against SICON forces. After The Pluto Campaign it was discovered that the Arachnids were actually an interstellar race covering much of the galaxy. It is also known that they will not stop their war against the humans until they are all destroyed.

The bugs combines aspects of their novel and film incarnation. Like the former, they are extraterrestrial invaders, but as with in film, they are neither "tool-makers" nor technologically advanced civilization. Instead, Arachnids directed their course of evolution to match technology advanced civilization possess and gain bio-mechanical traits in process. This can be shown in the case of Transport Bug that evolved to become Arachnids' equivalent of human starships.

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  • The name "Arachnid", derived from "spider" in Greek, apparently originates from "Pseudo-Arachnids", the antagonist looking like giant spiders from the novel.
  • The term "Arachnids" was originally an alternative name for the Pseudo-Arachnids in the Starship Troopers board wargame.
  • In the Miniatures Game, SICON Military Intelligence believes the Arachnid Empire is a bio-engineered race created to serve as the military of a different alien species, similar to the Zentraedi from Robotech.
  • The Bugs' portrayal in TV series eerily similar to that of Zergs from StarCraft, as both are alien invaders who have evolved certain genetic traits to match their technologically advanced rivals.



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