The FAS Alesia (Ship ID: 10024) is a Fast Attack Ship and home to the Roughnecks A-01 Team. The ship is tasked with escorting the John A. Warden from Fort Casey back to Earth.


The Alesia was deployed to Fort Casey during a battle that was taking place onboard the station in order to evac personnel and Mobile Infantry from the station after the John A. Warden abruptly left.

Due to the disappearance of John A. Warden, the Alesia and the Mobile Infantry troopers aboard the ship were ordered to find the missing ship by General Rico.

After the troopers discovered the John A. Warden had been taken over by the Arachnid Queen, the Alesia went to retrieve the troopers. However, the Alesia was destroyed by the John A. Warden under the Queen's control before any trooper could board the ship. Starship Troopers: Invasion

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