The name "Al Jenkins" should not be confused with Carl Jenkins.

Alan J. "Al" Jenkins[1] is a Mobile Infantry and a friend of Juan Rico since basic training in Camp Arthur Currie.


Al Jenkins joined the Mobile Infantry at the same time with Juan Rico. They both received the basic training in the same unit at Camp Arthur Currie under the Drill Instructor Charles Zim.

On the first day of training, Al Jenkins felt cold and sneezed while Sergeant Zim was speaking. Zim ordered him to run. Jenkins followed the order and one of the five or six other baton carriers took out after him. Jenkins was caught up with easily and cracked across the tight of his pants with the baton.

Next morning in the dining room, Jenkins showed up with Corporal Bronski behind him. They stopped for a moment at a table where Zim was eating alone, then Jenkins slumped onto a vacant stool by Rico's. Jenkins looked mighty seedy-pale, exhausted, and his breath rasping and refuse to eat the breakfast before he started to cuss out Zim in low almost expressionless monotone. He complained that he was sick but Bronski ignored him. However, Sergeant Zim got up and told him to see a doctor. At first, Jenkins refused, however, a second after he immediately follow Zim's order and went to see a doctor.

Jenkins later successfully became a Mobile Infantry after the training was over. He, Rico, and "Kitten" Smith were transfer to Willie's Wildcats. Later on, they joined the Operation Bughouse and fought Pseudo-Arachnids on Klendathu. He and Rico survived the battle.

Later, both he and Rico were transferred to Rasczak's Roughnecks. He was originally going to participate the Raid on Skinnie Homeworld, however, he was forced to drop out as Acting Commander Jelal found Jenkins was sick and order him to see the doctor.

At a certain point prior to Juan Rico left Roughnecks for the Officer Candidate School, Jenkins was killed in action along with "Padre" Migliaccio. Starship Troopers


  • "Jenkins"derived from John + -kin (which forms diminutive) + -s (denoting "son of"). The name was brought from the crusaders; whence it originated in Cornwall but became popular in England and Wales.



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