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The name or term "Ace Levy" should not be confused with Pat Leivy.

Ace Levy is a private in the Mobile Infantry who joined the same training unit as Johnny Rico. He dreamed of going career and joining Officer's Training; Kitten Smith referred to him as "Future Sky Marshal". During training he constantly competed against Johnny over which of the two will make Squad Leader. He was a proficient soldier, although Drill Instructor Charles Zim wounded him to make a point when Ace questioned the importance of knowing knife-throwing. He played the violin.


In training, he became friends with Johnny Rico (who asked him to wait inline), Dizzy Flores, Kitten Smith, Shujumi, Breckinridge, Djana'D and Katrina McIntire.

At a certain point after questioning the necessary of knife throwing, Ace was wounded by Charles Zim, who threw a knife at his hand during a combat exercise.

After Breckinridge was killed by Djana'D accidentally, Rico was flogged with ten lashes by Corporal Bronski , while Ace was completely devastated. Ace was later assigned as squad leader in basic training just before the war against the Arachnids began.

Ace and his training group were assigned to Willy's Wildcats during the invasion of Klendathu. In the beginning stages of the battle, Ace and Johnny used nukes to destroy Plasma bugs. However, during their first close encounter with Warrior Bugs, Ace was overcome with fear. He froze in combat, resulting in the death of Lieutenant Willy, and Rico abruptly usurping command. Shortly afterward, a general retreat was called and Ace managed to escape the battle unharmed, though most of his friends were killed, including Kitten. Ace was demoted to private.

After Klendathu, Ace, Johnny, and Dizzy were transferred to the Roughnecks. Ace participated in the Raid on Tango Urilla and the Ambush at Whiskey Outpost. He was about to board on the dropship piloted by Carmen and Zander and witnessed Dizzy being stabbed four times by a warrior bug right in front of a terrified Rico who then open fires at it and he, Watkins, an unamed M. I trooper and Zander help him rescued her, however, she died while on the way back to the fleet. He refused promotion, stating that he was a poor leader and instead just wanted combat.

He was present when Johnny rescued Carmen from the Brain Bug on Planet-P, and reported its sighting on the radio before the group fled the incoming Warriors.

When Sergeant Zim captures the Brain Bug, Ace helps lift him up and calls to Johnny that it was Zim their old drill instructor who captured the bug.

In propaganda films, he, along with his friend Johnny, were touted as heroes of the Federation. Starship Troopers