"Hm, I guess that's why his mamma calls him [Slug]."
—Sunday makes fun on "Slug" Skinner upon seeing his genitals.[src]

Sergeant A. Sunday is a trooper who was part of Colonel Johnny Rico's unit.


Sunday was stationed on Roku San before. During the Battle of Roku San after Warrior Bugs breached Electric Perimeter Fences, she passed the M-3 Tactical Helmet to Colonel Rico and joined the attack on Bugs along with Private Skinner and Sergeant Hightower. They fought their way to the command bunker, where was defended by Lieutenant Manion's squad. They got trapped beneath the debris after an attacked from a Scorpion. However, she was able to survive.

Sunday was later assigned to the Marauder Team by Colonel Rico. Because the Marauder's systems will be hard wired into their nervous systems, they had to strip for scanning. As they prepare to scan, Skinner didn't take off his underwear and when he did, Sunday making a fun on him while J. Kirby laughed about it.

She participated in the Battle of OM-1 and survived along with her teammate. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder





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